Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tall ships and sore nips

I know I know...tacky and too much information. However this post is all about the two things that are consuming me right now. I'll start with the bad and end on the good.

Oliver has decided that eating every 3 hours is not enough. He wants "More! More! More!"! As a result, we are not sleeping. BUT as a result of neither of us getting sleep we are very giddy and so are laughing ALL OF THE TIME. Seriously. We almost woke Oli up to the sounds of our guffaws. Oh well, there are worse ways to wake up...

Now for the good part! The Tall Ships Festival starts tomorrow night and check out a some of these beauties! I think I must have been a mermaid or a siren or hell even a wench in a past life because seeing tall ships on the ocean provides a thrill unlike many others. Anyhow-I cannot wait. Will be dressing Oliver in a lil' sailor suit that Grandma sent. This is the only time he will wear it as per Matthew's wish. Many a pic to follow....
(Pictured 1st is the Russian ship 'Kruzenshtern'. 2nd is the Brazilian ship 'Cisne Branco')

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