Friday, December 30, 2011

Rich Aucoin

Man, it has been so long since I posted. This is a result of moving half way across the country...again. Also a mixture of buying a new house, starting my Masters in Curatorial Practices, and just trying to be a good wife and mother.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of great music, and although I generally share my faves on Facebook, I would rather use this medium to be able to talk about why they matter to me.

The latest song that's got me reelin' is Rich Aucoin's 'It'. This boy is a star. I had the privilege to see him in Nova Scotia at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia's Young Patrons Circle fundraiser, ArtRising 2.0 (of which I was a committee member). I had heard of Rich, but never heard him. The show that he put on that night is one of my top 5 shows I have ever seen. He was engaging, smart, and FUN. I know that word is childish, but when the performer brings out a parachute (remember the ones from gym class?), and gets the audience to grab a corner and repeatedly wave it up and down while he sings in the middle, it is just plain fun.

His anthemic songs can't help but tug at your softer side-leaving you feeling positive about the world. There is no wonder he is taking the music world by storm. And deservedly so....

i just happened to have a wee chat with Mr. Aucoin and he advised that a trip to Winnipeg in 2012 is in the works.

Now have a listen to the latest from Rich:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pixies: I La La Love You

Pixies: I La La Love You

This was my review of the Pixies show in Halifax. I will do another post about this one later.

Interview with Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother

I've been interviewing more musicians lately and am thoroughly enjoying it. This was my latest:

Interview with Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long time comin'

What in the world. Where have I been? I have been busy like a bee, but have decided to carve out a few moments to share a few details about something I am really excited about:

* I've been writing concert reviews for Halifax Magazine website lately. It is unpaid, obviously, so unfortunately it is difficult for me to find time in between work, Oliver, volunteering, and realistically, just living. But I love it. I get tix to shows, and I get to share my humble opinion. The editor of HM has told me that I am still finding my voice, which i half agree with. Of course I know exactly what I'd like to say, and I've never had a problem writing, but it's a matter of reconciling what I think and feel, with the fear of what other people will think of what I write.

So far, I have reviewed Jill Barber, Symphony Nova Scotia's production of Handel's Messiah, Rawlins Cross, and did a phone interview with Crash Parallel. I was supposed to review Joel Plaskett's gig at the Seahorse, but I done went and got strep. Blarg. (Jill Barber sent me a tweet saying thank you for the great review-hey, no problem, Jill Barber).

This has now all lead to the biggest most incredible opportunity: I get to interview Joey Santiago for my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE BAND: The Pixies. Yes, that's right. Lil' ol' Liser is getting to live out every 90's alt-rocker's fantasy of sitting down with the band that rocked the shit out of that entire genre. And not only did they coolify a decade, they became integral soundtrack selections for some of the most influential movies. Wave of Mutilation made me fall so hard for Christian Slater that when the credits rolled I needed a cigarette.

I have a plethora of questions rambling through my head and I am slowly narrowing them down, and shaping them into a (hopefully) quality interview session. I just hope I don't freak out and pull a Wayne and Garth with an "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!".

In addition to an interview and story prior to the show, I am also attending the concert and reviewing for the same publication. Shivers. Shakes. I will make sure to post a link to my blog for both write-ups. Ok Pixies, here comes your girl...