Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barry Lyndon

If you ahven't seen Stanley Kubrick's, 'Barry Lyndon'. Go now. This scene is perhaps the best seduction scene of any movie ever....

jolly wolly doodle all the day



Friday, July 24, 2009

National Film Board Oldies but Goodies

Ok. As I was searching for a video to show Matty on youtube, I came across this old vignette. Bring back any memories?

How about this one? (I always thought it scandalous when the faces started kissing)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She fancies herself a photographer now....

Art imitates life. Who said that? All my years of art history education and I can't remember a damn thing. Andre Breton? Oops, Oscar Wilde. Weird. Here are some more of my dabbles.

Sonja Ahlers.

An artist that used to show at the gallery I managed in Vancouver has just crept back into my consciousness. As I was unpacking yet another box of books, I came across a catalogue from a show Sonja Ahlers had in Japan.

Sonja's art is near and dear to my heart. She creates these amazing Fierce Bunnies, one of which (Grandpa) is resting comfortably in Oliver's room. Sonja is one of those artists that you couldn't imagine being anything else. Her studio locations range from the Yukon, to the inside of a mushroom in Toronto. Everything she writes is brilliant and thoughtful, and her photographs are clean and crisp and bright. Oh and did I mention she shares my obsession with Heart?

I highly recommend reading her blog, scoping her art, and adoring her bunnies.

*Nestled inside the belly of each bunny is a lucky penny. About 5 months after I had received my bunny, I found out I was pregnant. I sent her an email and jokingly asked if they had fertility powers. She confirmed my suspicions.*

Monday, July 20, 2009

Flora II

I heard from my lil' cousin today! Yay! He lives in Korea and I never see him anymore which is very difficult for me. We were pretty good friends growing up and over the years my respect and admiration for him has grown exponentially. He's one of those guys that seems to k now a little about everything cool: photography, politics, philosophy, music. Yup, proud I am related.

Anyhow, what does this have to do with flora? Well, he said he'd like to see some more of my photos, so here are a few more. Miss you Matthew!*

*Yes, Matthew is the name of my cousin as well as my fiancee. That's how much I look up to my cousin. Kidding, that would be super weird.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perfect Saturday

As promised, we strolled on down to the harbour on Saturday morning and it was THE most perfect day to photograph some of the ships. The fog was so dense that you could barely make out some of the ships!

When we first rolled up to the water we literally ran into the most perfect pirate in the world. My camera was tucked in its case so no photos. But picture Jack Sparrow costume with a dirty face and an even dirtier voice. He was fabulous.

Those fellas in the sailor suits are from the Russian ship that I pictured in my previous post. (the Kruzenshtern). This leads me to another topic: Russians. I am Russian, so keep that in mind....Looking at the pictures, I mentioned that I loved Russians. Yes an odd blanket statement. What I seem to like about all of the Russian I've ever met is that they are stoic. You never know if they are enjoying themselves or not. But that is precisely what intrigues me. During the parade yesterday, all of the other crews were yelling and playing drums and dancing, but the Ruskies were all bidness. (see picture below). They are riddles wrapped in enigmas. Oh yeah, and I love borscht.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too cute not to post.

July 1st, 2009: Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia.

Tall ships and sore nips

I know I know...tacky and too much information. However this post is all about the two things that are consuming me right now. I'll start with the bad and end on the good.

Oliver has decided that eating every 3 hours is not enough. He wants "More! More! More!"! As a result, we are not sleeping. BUT as a result of neither of us getting sleep we are very giddy and so are laughing ALL OF THE TIME. Seriously. We almost woke Oli up to the sounds of our guffaws. Oh well, there are worse ways to wake up...

Now for the good part! The Tall Ships Festival starts tomorrow night and check out a some of these beauties! I think I must have been a mermaid or a siren or hell even a wench in a past life because seeing tall ships on the ocean provides a thrill unlike many others. Anyhow-I cannot wait. Will be dressing Oliver in a lil' sailor suit that Grandma sent. This is the only time he will wear it as per Matthew's wish. Many a pic to follow....
(Pictured 1st is the Russian ship 'Kruzenshtern'. 2nd is the Brazilian ship 'Cisne Branco')

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Chappy

For all of the Oli lovers out there, here are some recent images of him being amazing as always. And where did he get that charm? That's Daddy in the left corner circa 1980- something...


Over the past year I have been putting together a series of photos of different plants and flowers. I suppose it's with the intention of developing them and mounting a mini-exhibition in my home.

Here are a few that I have so far...let me know what you think?

Ethiopian Jazz...

A few years back I watched Jim Jarmusch's film, "Broken Flowers'. I loved it- Bill Murray at his finest! However, I loved the music even more. I did a bit of research and discovered Mulatu Astatke. He is an Ethiopia born musician and arranger. He is an incredibly interesting man: he acted as advisor to the MIT Media Lab on creating a modern version of the kraal, a traditional Ethiopian instrument. Creating new instruments in this day and age is no small feat.

Anyhow, have a listen, and if you have a chance, watch the movie. Reminded me of Elizabethtown (only good).

IF you aren't into the whole Ethio-Jazz thing, then you could certainly check out Holly Golightly. (Specifically the Green Hornes with Holly Golightly-There is an end).