Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perfect Saturday

As promised, we strolled on down to the harbour on Saturday morning and it was THE most perfect day to photograph some of the ships. The fog was so dense that you could barely make out some of the ships!

When we first rolled up to the water we literally ran into the most perfect pirate in the world. My camera was tucked in its case so no photos. But picture Jack Sparrow costume with a dirty face and an even dirtier voice. He was fabulous.

Those fellas in the sailor suits are from the Russian ship that I pictured in my previous post. (the Kruzenshtern). This leads me to another topic: Russians. I am Russian, so keep that in mind....Looking at the pictures, I mentioned that I loved Russians. Yes an odd blanket statement. What I seem to like about all of the Russian I've ever met is that they are stoic. You never know if they are enjoying themselves or not. But that is precisely what intrigues me. During the parade yesterday, all of the other crews were yelling and playing drums and dancing, but the Ruskies were all bidness. (see picture below). They are riddles wrapped in enigmas. Oh yeah, and I love borscht.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing these when we get to NS. Thanks for reminding me why i'm looking forward to hauling everything across the country! xo