Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have to say, this Harper government is really getting to me. I find this country almost unrecognizable: from the days when I was a little kid learning in school about all of the things that made this country, well, this country, those defining characteristics are vanishing at such an alarming rate that I am shocked.

 Let's reminisce for a moment, shall we? What do you remember about Canada when we were young? Our incredible abundance of natural resources, our steadfast decision to be a country devoted to staying out of wars (although I am keenly aware that we have a troubled, deeply troubled past), our support for the arts (admittedly mediocre support, but this recent trend is horrific)...

Well, a dear friend of mine just informed me of a decision laid down today: The closure of Experimental Lakes Area: a research site that has been functioning since 1968.

 Borrowed from The Wall Street Journal:

"One example of the very real impact on Canadians of the government's most recent decision regarding DFO is the withdrawal of support for research conducted as part of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) program. A region of remote lakes has been dedicated, since the late 1960's, to whole-lake ecosystem research. It has been the site of groundbreaking studies into the effects of pollutants, acid rain, freshwater aquaculture, and hydroelectric dams on freshwater ecosystems. The ELA is also where researchers track how Canada's freshwater ecosystems respond to climate change.

This latest round of cuts to the Department will affect positions for Biologists, Chemists and Researchers, Policy Advisors, IT Specialists and Commerce and Purchasing Officers in communities across the country: British Columbia(18), Manitoba(27), the National Capital Region (16), Ontario(14), Quebec (25), New Brunswick(5), Newfoundland(10) and Nova Scotia(19).

 "These cuts are not "back office" cuts. They are yet another blow to the federal government's capacity to use science to protect Canadians, their environment and our economic interests", said PIPSC President Gary Corbett. "The government is eliminating programs that have generated world-renowned studies of freshwater ecosystems as well as impacting work to monitor Arctic contaminants, dioxins and other pollutants."

 WTF?! I feel sick. But what can I do? This is a concern that is facing all of us today-feeling our voices are not/can not/will not be heard....

Visit and join the growing number of Canadians supporting public services.You can sign petitions, send letters to your MPs (they even look them up for you if you don't know who yours is), and you can also download an action kit to become more informed about what is happening.