Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sonja Ahlers.

An artist that used to show at the gallery I managed in Vancouver has just crept back into my consciousness. As I was unpacking yet another box of books, I came across a catalogue from a show Sonja Ahlers had in Japan.

Sonja's art is near and dear to my heart. She creates these amazing Fierce Bunnies, one of which (Grandpa) is resting comfortably in Oliver's room. Sonja is one of those artists that you couldn't imagine being anything else. Her studio locations range from the Yukon, to the inside of a mushroom in Toronto. Everything she writes is brilliant and thoughtful, and her photographs are clean and crisp and bright. Oh and did I mention she shares my obsession with Heart?

I highly recommend reading her blog, scoping her art, and adoring her bunnies.

*Nestled inside the belly of each bunny is a lucky penny. About 5 months after I had received my bunny, I found out I was pregnant. I sent her an email and jokingly asked if they had fertility powers. She confirmed my suspicions.*

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