Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friendly Fire

Image via SabbahReport

My friends are so talented. Over the years i have met many wonderful artists, musicians and writers. I think what I want to do from now on is discuss a friend and their talents, once a week. I will come up with some sort of catchy title, like "Friendly Fire" and then I will direct 5 questions to each. Maybe 10, or maybe 3. Hmmm. the number is insignificant at this point.

Right now I want to mention some of the people that inspire me everyday, and that hopefully will answer my questions at some point. (Some are shyyyyyy)

Bill Beso: Amazing artist/photographer/musician.
Leslie Supnet: Artist/Animator.
Sarah Edmonds: Artist/Blogger/Cool Mom
Marnie Wilson: Entrepeneur/Also cool Mom
Kyle Jackson: Artist/ Creative Engineer.
Sonja Ahlers: Artist/Writer/Bunny Maker/Blogger.

Um, realistically, I could go on for days with the list of people I am lucky to know. Super stoked to start this....

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Heather Maxwell Hall said...

what a wonderful idea. i already know and love sonja's work and blog and i'll check out the others...