Sunday, October 25, 2009

Working Girl

Very excited to announce that I landed a great gig working with a PR, Marketing and Artist Management company. Among the roster are blues legend Joe Murphy, Juno award-winning artist Garrett Mason, jewelry designer Donna Hiebert and Cory Bowles (Cory from Trailer Park Boys).

After meeting with Kelly (the owner of the company), I feel this is going to be a perfect fit. I can work from home, and when the need arises for me to head into the office (located in a downtown Halifax loft space!), I can bring Sir Oliver along! Already ot my first job-write a press release for an open house. Almost done. It feels AMAZING to be doing this again. I really do love to write...

The PR and Marketing internship officially starts tomorrow with a meeting in Bernard's office at 1:00 to go over my projects. I have my own office. How cool is that? I will also be in charge of ad sales for the AGNS magazine.

I can't believe how fortunate I am. In a new city, where ultimately I know nobody, and manage to land 2 dream jobs. Someone is smiling down on me...

Off for a studio visit to take pictures for a press kit!

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