Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oliver updates

I haven't written about Sir Oliver in a while. Things are so busy over here now! Lots has happened though and the people must know!

On October 13th, Oliver got his first tooth. It's a great tooth. He likes it, and so do we. Yay tooth! Hard to get a picture of it as he NEVER sits still...but the elusive tooth picture will be snapped. You can bet on it.

Oliver is waving and even better, is giving high fives. LOL! It took me a bit, but I taught him and now demand high fives for every little accomplishment, ie) getting the banana from his try to his mouth, standing up, drinking water from his cup...

Oliver is potty trained now too. Kidding. Wouldn't that be nice though....

This morning, Scooter and I were having a dance and I tried a new song-I try to sing to him a bit more now too-he puts up with it the little dear. He actually sings too sometimes! Anyhow, the song I sang to him this morning was Ingrid Michaelson's 'The way I Am'...you probably know it from the Old Navy commercials a few years back. It is so beautiful. When I got to the part about 'I love you more than I could ever promise....' I started to cry. It came out of nowhere.. Uh oh, again...Not sure what it is, but to me it is the perfect song for a mother to sing to her child (I'll sew on patches to all you tear...) Oh Oliver, I love you so.

*I can't add the actual video for the song, but here it is with a silly picture attached.