Friday, January 16, 2009

Been a long time comin'

I haven't posted anything in a really long time now. Being away for 3 weeks and then coming home trying to get everything in order takes a lot of energy and I am not sure if you know this but the third trimester is exhausting.

The nursery is almost finished, and by somewhat of an accident, we have made it a nature theme. I had intended for it to be vintage, but as we went along it took on a life of its own. It is my fave room in the house now. After receiving this

from Matthew for Christmas, how could it not be.

Anyhow, I started out knowing that I wanted the room to be a crisp white. Matt came up with the idea to paint the ceiling a pale pale blue and moosh some clouds in there.

Originally I had thought of getting old children's books and taking the illustrations and framing them, then hanging them around the room as sort of a border. However upon a visit to one of my fave stores in Van, The Regional Assembly of Text, I found the most beautiful flashcards. One robin, two cardinals, three perfect. They are beautifully illustrated 8 x 10 cards numbering 1 - 10. We have placed them around three walls like this

We decided to avoid buying a change table and instead buy a dresser that we can place our fancy shmancy heated change pad on top of. Still looking though....

We are so excited for baby to arrive. The due date isn't technically for 35 more days, but my midwife told me to prepared for three weeks before as well. Since she told me this last week I have been scrambling around PoCo trying to get things in order. On the list for today? HOSPITAL BAG/GOODY BAG! I like calling it a goody bag. Makes it seem like I am getting ready to go to a party. I suppose it is a party, a birth day party. I wonder if I should bring a gift?

Anyhow, I am trying to get my Thank You cards for all of the amazing baby gifts we have received in order, but am finding it difficult to sit myself down to actually get on with it. Rest assured, you are all in my thoughts (and Matty's).

And just for kicks, here are the latest belly shots. Say hello to baby!

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Anonymous said...

so happy to see that peanut is growing. love the way you and Matt have done the nursery. can't wait to see you both in February