Tuesday, November 16, 2010


After speaking with an old friend on Facebook chat today, she totally reminded me of how much I loved Propagandhi (Thanks Lia!), and how influential they were in my life. Oh Prop-how many days and nights were spent singing along to your lyrics: talking fast, smoking lots, and sipping plenty. Those days are long gone, but the memories, although dusty, have just come flooding back. You were the soundtrack to so many of my favourite times.

One of my favourite stories has to be when I was 17 and hitchhiked to Vancouver. My friend John and I had been walking for what seemed like forever, when finally these two young girls picked us up just outside of Jasper. They had two tapes in their car (this was 1996 ok...) and one was Less Talk, More Rock. We played that baby over and over until we reached Vancouver. Those songs have stained my mind, and have earned a place on my solid gold charts.

Come to Halifax?

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Tara said...

Oh to be young and care free and listening to punk rock! Deep sigh... lets all go back in time.
Have a lovely weekend lovely!