Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's new pussycat?

With Fall comes the rise of new things (did you see what I did there? fall...rise...). Oliver starts Kindermusik on Thursday and I start French next Monday! Oli's Kindermusik class is called 'Feathers' and focuses on nature sounds and the musical poetry of Woody Guthrie. How sublime is that? He gets a shaker that is in the shape of a bird too. I wonder who will play with that more...

As for the French classes, I decided that while I am on parental leave, I may as well do something that will enhance my skills in the art world. To get into most MA programs you need to be capable in either German or French. My Dad spoke German but, unfortunately, never taught me! So after 10 years of painstakingly being taught French by those who could barely speak it themselves (merci beaucoup, BCI and MCI), I am attending the Alliance Francais with hopes of emerging a bilingual master!

Now we need to find something for Matt to do. Any suggestions?


Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

good for you!! et oliver, aussi! both sound pretty awesome and that picture just kills me!!

Erin said...

Such a cute little nugget! Love Oli (aka scooter!)