Saturday, May 2, 2009

And They're Off.....

The decision has been made to escape the clutches of Port Coquitlam and venture to the opposite coast (or as Matt says, the 'Right Coast'). Now, let me tell you this is no small venture.

There are bills to be canceled.
Boxes to be packed.
Mail to be forwarded.
Jobs to be left.
Jobs to be found.
Lease to break.
House to find.

We have decided to buy a cube van (!) and Matthew is going to drive our stuff clean across the country. His Dad is flying out to be his wing man. Oliver and I have opted out of the 5 day drive.

While I will certainly miss Vancouver, I am excited about a fresh beginning. Finding friends who don't disappear the minute you mention you are pregnant. Being close to family.
Most importantly, I think I am looking forward to getting great deals on lobster (Matt's good friend is a lobster broker!).


Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

new adventures! congratulations to you and your fam on the move east. we plan on doing the same in a year or so, but eastern US.

K @ Blog Goggles said...


Also - a lobster broker? Awesome job.

Anonymous said...

dude! i would have hung out with you! we could have gone to bingo every nite!