Tuesday, April 28, 2009


3 weeks

5 weeks

7 weeks

A while back, Matt and I decided to try to document Oliver's growth by photographing him with something static. We had originally thought of a quilt with a crazy pattern, but decided on the polar bear that was my Grandma's. This polar bear has been in the Wiebe family for a good 25 years.

When we were younger, ALL of the grandchildren sat on his lap or jumped on his head (the boys wrestled it). Grandma Lily said that the first of her grandchildren to have a baby would get to have the bear, and lo and behold, c'est moi!

Starting at 3 weeks old, we documented Oliver against the bear. Then at 5 weeks, then at 7 weeks. We are going to continue this until he is 18. Jokes. Perhaps not every 2 weeks though.

*Update: At Oliver's 8 week check-up (and sadly the final visit with Susan our midwife), he weighed 13 pounds and 12.5 ounces. She laughed when he barely fit on the scale- he is sooo long now too! He scored perfectly on all of his tests and Mommy did too!

*Update #2: He slept 6.5 hours STRAIGHT last night. I was so confused that I got up at 5 cause I couldn't sleep anymore. Yay Oliver! You certainly deserve the title of 'Sir' today!


Kate said...

wow, he is SUCH a cutie!

This is such a great idea. Just wait til he's on the move and won't hold still for this photo:)

Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

omg. so adorable. what a GREAT idea!

Alisa said...

That is a great idea! Very Cute!