Monday, October 6, 2008


Two artists that I have been watching recently are Jason Polan and Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch. I was recently in contact with MLHH and much to my delight he has just updated his website. It is stocked full of goodies like this:

and this:

He has loads of work that will blow your mind. I recommend checking out his illustrations section. Wowsa.

Second up: Jason Polan! Now I swear that this is the nicest person I have ever not met. A few months back I bought the ridiculously entertaining "The Every Piece of Art In The Museum of Modern Art Book". Now, you can buy this book for a mere $20 US,

OR you could take full advantage of Polan's insane creativity and grab this:

Deluxe Edition $100

Included in the Deluxe Edition:

* The Every Piece Of Art In The Museum Of Modern Art Book
* Complimentary admission and guided tour, by Jason Polan, of The Museum Of Modern Art
* A hotdog or pretzel right after your tour
* Your favorite piece of art at the Museum Of Modern Art hand drawn for you

I am certain that I will be posting more about Jason as I am completely infatuated with his attempt at combining artistic practice with humanity skills. Jason Polan-I applaud you.

P.S. Check out the sweet little note that he sent along with the book.

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