Monday, September 15, 2008


My cute little pregnant friend sent me this excerpt from a book (“Science, Soul and the Spirit of Nature: Leading Thinkers on the Restoration of Man and Creation.” By Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld) she is currently reading and it has really resonated with me: Humility! Where are you?????

"I think that love is an active NRG while gratitude is a passive NRG. In terms of the sun and moon, perhaps the sun is love, the active NRG. The moon is gratitude, the passive NRG. In the case of fire and water, fire is love and water is gratitude.
Water is H2O. Nobody knows why H2O makes water. Because fire cannot burn with out oxygen (O), O could be considered love. And hydrogen (H) would be gratitude. So two gratitude’s and one love together (H2O) make up the basic composition of water…One love and two gratitude’s. A metaphor for this may be, for instance, a fish who produces roe-its babies-but lets other fish eat its roe. This is one love and two gratitude’s on the wa (harmony) of nature. Love is “for me, for me” gratitude is “for you, for you”.
Now we humans have reduced the composition to one love and one gratitude. That’s why this world has become materialistic. The population increased and nature was destroyed. But the essence of water, of nature, is one love and two gratitude’s. If we understand it and if we live accordingly, we can quickly return to the way it used to be.
I hope you understand: In this case, I refer to the Japanese conception of love. I am very aware that Westerners have specific sensitivity about love. But true love consists of one love and two gratitudes. I hope you understand."

Exerpt From Masaru Emoto, when asked about What is Love?

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